My name is Andrea Montini and I’m a Digital Designer, living and working in Milan, Italy.
My higher school education encompasses 5 years at the so called “Liceo Artistico”; after that I have obtained a degree at the
Faculty of Architecture-Politecnico of Milan.

I always loved technology, computers and the “digital world” in general, and even during the high school period I was fond of graphic design. However, it was only after the completion of the University studies, which happened more than 3 years ago, that I have realized what I would have liked to do in my life.

Since then I decided to work as an independent professional, well knowing that I was starting a difficult and risky career, yet motivated to learn, improve my skill with the goal of reaching ambitious objectives. Today what really drives me is the aiming of improving people lives through beautiful technology: I’m more and more convinced that this is my personal happiness.